Chelan Teen Center      
Poem: Forgiveness

You're tearing my heart open
I'm trying to sew it shut
I think my weakness is
I love you too much

With my voice so quiet
Allow me to be heard
You're dropping me from the sky
After lifting me so high

I do realize
That something's wrong with me
And what would that be?
I don't know
But I will find out, you'll see

In a world so cold
It's hard to keep the faith
You're leaving me on my own
Breaking me to the bone

Do you want that kind of blood on your hands?
The scars on my heart
Show me that the past is real

I wish I was dreamin'
How can this be?
I'm standin' in the middle
Of this room while screamin'
But you can't hear me

I'm not a perfect person
I just want you to know
Before I go

This pain you put me through
These scars you branded on me
Even though you didn't mean to
I still forgive you.

- Fate